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제목 Experts Workshop in Seoul on Leadership in Industrial Policy in Late-Industrializing Countries
작성일 2012/08/10

ㅁ Title   : Expert Workshop on KDI-MIT-WBI Collaborative Research: Leadership in Industrial
       Policy in the Late-industrializing Countries

ㅁ Date   : August 8~9, 2012
ㅁ Venue  : Violet Room (2F), WESTIN Chosun
ㅁ Organizer : KDI, MIT, WBI

The mechanism in which how states can affect economic growth has been analyzed in developmental state literature (e.g., Johnson 1982, Okimoto 1989, Amsden 1989, Wade 1990, Haggard 1990, and Evans 1995) to yield a reasonably good understanding of the role of governance institutions that could either accelerate or obstruct national development. Yet, there still was a missing piece: how should the government work with business and other stakeholders to resolve potential conflicts and promote firm-level learning in formulating and implementing industrial policy.

In an attempt to answer this question, the Korea Development Institute (KDI), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and World Bank Institute (WBI) launched a collaborative research project on the “Leadership in Industrial Policy in the late-Industrializing Countries” in May 2011. The two key areas to be addressed are: 1) how government managed the politics of the industrial policy implementation including the promotion of targeted sectors in Korea, 2) case studies on how political economy influenced economic development in five selected countries: Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Malaysia and Vietnam.

A full-day workshop was held in Seoul on August 8 to provide the authors an opportunity to share their work with renowned experts for insightful commentaries to be reflected in their final papers. At this Workshop, the experts from various institutions including University of Virginia, Asian Development Bank and International Food Policy Research Institute were invited to discuss the draft papers prepared by 9 authors from KDI-MIT-WBI. The resulting papers will be finalized and published in early 2013.


Tuesday, August 7 (Informal Reception)
Venue: SUSHI Cho (20F), WESTIN Chosun

18:00~     DINNER
        Wonhyuk Lim, Director of Global Economy Research, KDI
Wednesday, August 8 (Experts’ Workshop)
Venue: Violet Room (2F), WESTIN Chosun

09:00~09:10  Opening Session
       Opening Remarks: Wonhyuk Lim, Director of Global Economy Research, KDI
                Richard Locke, Deputy Dean of Sloan School, Massachusetts Institute of
                      Technology (MIT)

09:10~12:00  Session 1: Korea’s Experience
       Heavy and Chemical Industry Drive
        Speaker: Wonhyuk Lim, Director of Global Economy Research, KDI pdf 첨부파일
        Discussant: Joon-Kyung Kim, Professor, KDI School pdf 첨부파일
       Plant Engineering
        Speaker: Joonghae Suh, Research Fellow, KDI pdf 첨부파일
        Discussant: Kazuyuki Motohashi, Professor, Tokyo University
       Coffee Break(20minutes)
       IT Promotion
        Speaker: Wonhyuk Lim, Director of Global Economy Research, KDI pdf 첨부파일
             Min Ha Lee, Policy Researcher, KDI
        Discussant: Sanghoon Ahn, Director and Vice President, Department of Industry and
                     Competition Policy, KDI
       Leadership in Industrial Policy
        Speaker: Seok-Jin Eom, Professor, Seoul National University pdf 첨부파일
             Jaeyoung Choi, Senior Economist, World Bank Institute (WBI)
        Discussant: Meredith Jung-En Woo, Dean, University of Virginia

12:00~13:20  LUNCH (Lunch Box @ Cosmos Room, WESTIN Chosun)

13:20~15:20  Session 2: Country Case Studies I
       China: Ed Steinfeld (Speaker, Video Conference), Professor, MIT
           Xiaobo Zhang (Discussant), Senior Research Fellow, IFPRI
       Brazil: Ben Schneider (Speaker), Professor, MIT
           Robert Devlin (Reviewer), Professional Lecturer, Johns Hopkins School for Advanced
                     International Studies
       Malaysia: Hiram Samel (Speaker), PhD, MIT pdf 첨부파일
            Shahid Yusuf (Discussant), Chief Economist, Growth Dialogue, George Washington
       Coffee Break(20 minutes)

15:40~17:00  Session 3: Country Case Studies II
       Vietnam: Ed Steinfeld (Speaker, Video Conference), Professor, MIT
            Laura Chirot (Speaker), PhD Candidate, MIT
            Jesus Felipe (Discussant), Advisor, Office of the Chief Economist, ADB
       Bangladesh: Anne Greenleaf (Speaker), PhD Candidate, University of Washington pdf 첨부파일
             Mushtaq Khan (Reviewer), Professor, SOAS
       Coffee Break(20 minutes)

17:20~18:00  Wrap-Up
       Wonhyuk Lim, Director of Global Economy Research, KDI
       Richard Locke, Deputy Dean of Sloan School, MIT

18:15~     DINNER (Cosmos Room @ WESTIN Chosun)

Wednesday, August 9 (Authors’ Workshop)
Venue: Violet Room (2F), WESTIN Chosun

9:00~10:15  Session 1: Reflection on Experts’ Workshop
       All Authors
       Coffee Break (15 minutes)

10:30~11:45  Session 2: Future Plan on Dissemination Conference
       All Authors

12:00~13:30  LUNCH (Cosmos Room @ WESTIN Chosun)

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