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  • 제목 Analysis of Development Policy and International Cooperation May 2014
  • 발행일 2014/05
Recognizing the growing demands for a source of information that comprehensively analyzes trends in the field of development cooperation, the Center for International Development at the Korea Development Institute (CID@KDI) publishes the 'Analysis of Development Policy and International Cooperation'.

The first edition of the「Analysis of Development Policy and International Cooperation」2014 I (Volume 1, Number 1) is to be released in May 2014. It is a highly-selective, peer-reviewed Journal published semiannually in May and November.

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번호 기사명 저자 발행일 면수 지난기사
1 Understanding North Korea's Economic Stagnation 이지순 2014/05/30 22
2 Fiscal Behavior of Aid Recipient Countries during the Millennium Era 이아름, 이계우 2014/05/30 20
3 아프리카 지역의 수원 정책: 르완다 사례를 중심으로 김종섭, 이은석 2014/05/30 18
4 한국의 농지개혁과 개도국에 주는 시사점 박명호 2014/05/30 18
5 Beyond One-Time, One-Sided Knowledge Transfer: KSP with the Dominican Republic 임원혁 2014/05/30 22
6 Reforming Institutions to Improve Education Service Delivery and Strengthen Cambodia’s Competitiveness Naron Hang Chuon 2014/05/30 35

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