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  • 제목 2014/15 Knowledge Sharing Program with Vietnam I
  • 저자


  • 발행일 2015/09
2014/15 KSP with Vietnam I
Executive Summary

Chapter 1
Strategies for Sustainable Regional Economic Development: The Korean Experience and Lessons for Vietnam
 1. Study Objectives: Introductory Notes
 2. Korea’s Regional Policies at the National Level
 3. Regional Policies in Vietnam
 4. Lessons and Recommendations for Vietnam

Chapter 2
Policies for IT Infrastructure to Stimulate Online Transactions in Vietnam: Focus on National Civil Registration System
 1. Introduction
 2. Trends of Vietnam’s IT Infrastructure and Industry
 3. Efforts to Build IT Infrastructure
 4. Overview of Korean Resident Registration System
 5. Policy Implications from Korean Case Study

Chapter 3
Establishing a Technology Appraisal System for Financing Innovative SMEs in Vietnam
 1. Technology Finance for Innovative SMEs
 2. Conditions and Challenges of Vietnam’s Technology Finance System
 3. Korean Technology Finance System: Focus on KOTEC
 4. Establishment of VTRS for Technology Finance
 5. Conclusion

Chapter 4
Housing Pre-sale and Guarantee Schemes for Vietnam: Lessons from Korean Experiences
 1. Introduction
 2. Overview of Vietnam’s Housing Pre-sale System
 3. Housing Pre-sale System in Korea
 4. Comparisons between Pre-sale Housing Purchase Systems of Korea and Vietnam
 5. Policy Proposal·

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