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전체보고서 CID 전체 보고서 입니다.

  • 제목 2015 Modularization of Korea’s Development Experience: Informing the Public on Policy Issues and Promoting Economic Literacy
  • 저자


  • 발행일 2015/12

Chapter 1

Chapter 2
How and Why the Economic Educational Program was Established
 1. Background
 2. Engaging the Public

Chapter 3
Evaluation of the Economic Educational Program
 1. Program’s Development
 2. Economic Educational Initiatives

Chapter 4
Economic Education in Korea between the 1980s~1990s
 1. Objectives and Achievements in the 1980s
 2. Objectives and Achievements in the 1990s

Chapter 5
Future of Economic Education in Korea
 1. Changing Role and Direction
 2. Development and Delivery of Economic Education
 3. Program’s Target Audiences
 4. Economic Education in the Post-1990s

Chapter 6
Assessing the Impact of Economic Education
 1. Impact on Informing the Public
 2. Assessing the Development and Delivery of Economic Educational Content
 3. Public’s View of Economic Education
 4. Economic Education in the Media
 5. Future of Economic Education

Chapter 7
Lessons for Developing Countries
 1. Knowledge Sharing
 2. Lessons for Developing Countries


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