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  • 제목 From Despair to Hope : Economic Policymaking in Korea, 1945-1979
  • 저자


  • 발행일 2011/04

Preface and Acknowledgements


Part I. Korea’s Journey from Poverty to Prosperity
 Chapter 1. President Park Chung Hee’s Economic Development Policy: Assessments from the World Bank and Deng Xiaoping

Part II. Formative Experience: The Self-Portrait of a Young Central Banker
 Chapter 2. Living under Japan’s Occupation and Surviving the Atomic Bomb
 Chapter 3. Making a Mark as a Young Central Banker
 Chapter 4. The First Currency Reform and Accession to the IMF and IBRD

Part III. Against All Odds: The Trials and Triumphs of a Technocrat
 Chapter 5. Political Turmoil and the Second Currency Reform
 Chapter 6. Stock Exchange Reform
 Chapter 7. Export-Oriented Industrialization and Market Liberalization
 Chapter 8. Tax Reform and GATT Accession
 Chapter 9. Electricity, Steel, Petrochemicals, and Export Promotion

Part IV. Policymaking on the Front Lines 1: Social and Economic Transformation
 Chapter 10. Unexpected Appointment as President Park’s Chief of Staff
 Chapter 11. Rural Development, Water Resource Management, and Silver Revolution
 Chapter 12. Green Revolution and Dual Grain Price Policy
 Chapter 13. Saemaul Undong (New Village Movement)
 Chapter 14. Reforestation
 Chapter 15. Expressways
 Chapter 16. Moratorium on Curb Loans
 Chapter 17. Value Added Tax
 Chapter 18. National Healthcare

Part V. Policymaking on the Front Lines 2: National Security and Industrial Policy
 Chapter 19. Heavy and Chemical Industry Drive
 Chapter 20. Technical Education and Vocational Training
 Chapter 21. KIST, Government Research Institutes, and Daedeok Science Park
 Chapter 22. National Security Crisis and Policy Response

Part VI. Presidential Secretariat
 Chapter 23. Organizational Decisions and Political Lessons
 Chapter 24. Flexible Management of the Presidential Secretariat

Part VII. Conclusion
 Chapter 25. A Personal Sketch of President Park

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