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KSP 정책자문보고서 KSP 정책자문보고서 입니다.

  • 제목 2014/15 Knowledge Sharing Program with Mexico
  • 저자


  • 발행일 2015/09
2014/15 KSP with Mexico
Executive Summary

Chapter 1
Designing, Implementing and Linking Public Policies to Stimulate Scientific and Technological Development of Colima State: Policy Suggestions for CLQ TP Master Plan
 1. Introduction
 2. Techno Park Concept and Development Process
 3. Case Study: Chungnam Techno Park Development
 4. System of Major Business at Techno Park: Lessons from Chungnam Techno Park
 5. Regional Innovation in Colima
 6. Subjects of CLQ TP Master Plan
 7. Conclusion and Future Issues

Chapter 2
Improving Industry-Academy Relation Capacity for the Secretariat of Public Education of the State of Mexico
 1. Overview of Mexico State
 2. HRD & IAC Development to Raise Korean SME Competitiveness
 3. KPU’s IAC Programs to Raise SME Competitiveness
 4. Establishment of CAI Centers in Mexico State

Chapter 3
Fostering Hidalgo’s Transformation into Knowledge-Based Economy via Improved R&D Potential by Promoting ‘City of Knowledge’ as Integrated Ecosystem of State’s Scientific, Technological and Innovative (STI) Capacities
 Summary 140
 1. Introduction: Why Does Hidalgo Need Science, Technology & Innovation?
 2. Korea’s Experience and Approaches toward Hidalgo
 3. Innovation Resources of Hidalgo and Evaluation
 4. KSP Consultation for Hidalgo - Process and Contents
 5. Evaluation & Recommendations

Chapter 4
Suggestions for Establishing a Think Tank for VET and Lifelong Education
 1. Introduction
 2. Mexican VET and Challenges
 3. VET Research Functions in Mexico
 4. Functions, Establishment Background, and Development Process of KRIVET
 5. Pilot Plan and Conclusion

Chapter 5
Improve Metal Mechanics Cluster in Mexican State of Chihuahua (Dies & Molds)
 1. Inquiry into the Subject Requested by Chihuahua State
 2. Korea’s Experience in Metal-mechanics SMEs
 3. Advisory Research Results

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