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  • 제목 Toward the Consolidation of the G20 : From Crisis Committee to Global Steering Committee
  • 저자

    임원혁, 편

  • 발행일 2010/11
Foreword (Il SaKong)
Preface and Acknowledgements (Oh-Seok Hyun and Kemal Dervis)
Introduction (Colin I Bradford and Wonhyuk Lim)

I History and Prospect
 1 The G20: From Global Crisis Responder to Global Steering Committee (Paul Martin)
 2 The G8: Legacy, Limitations and Lessons (John Kirton)
 3 The Impact of the G20 on Global Governance: A History and Prospective (Ngaire Woods)
 4 The G8 and the G20: What Relationship Now? (Gordon Smith)
 5 Turning the G20 into a New Mechanism for Global Economic Governance: Obstacles and Prospects (Lan Xue and Yanbing Zhang)

II Financial Crisis and Regulatory Reform
 6 Financial Sector Reform and the G20 (Paul Martin)
 7 G20 Financial Regulatory Reform: Current Status and Future Challenges (Yung Chul Park and Sungmin Kim)
 8 The G20 and the Challenge of International Financial Re-Regulation (Jacques Mistral)
 9 Bank Regulation in Africa: From Basel I to Basel II, and Now at a Crossroads (Victor Murinde)

III The G20 Framework: Rebalancing the Global Economy
 10 Global Imbalances and the G20 (Kemal Dervis)
 11 The Political Economy of Global Rebalancing and the Role of Structural Reforms (Pier Carlo Padoa)
 12 G20 Framework for More Sustainable and Balanced Growth (Hyeon Wook Kim)
 13 Rebalancing the World Economy: The G20’s Potential Role (Pedro S Malan)

IV The G20 and Development
 14 Bringing Development into the G20: Overarching Themes (Homi Kharas)
 15 Laying the Foundation for a Long-Term G20 Work Program on Development (Simon Maxwell)
 16 The G20 and Development: From Financial Stability to Sustained Growth (Jomo Kwame Sundaram)
 17 G20 Development Agenda: Perspectives from Least Developed Countries (Cyrus Rustomjee)
 18 Economic Growth in Low Income Countries: How the G20 can Help to Raise and Sustain It
   (LAlan Winters, Wonhyuk Lim, Lucia Hanmer and Sidney Augustin)
 19 Infrastructure and Development: A New Area for International Cooperation (Sergio Bitar)
 20 Sharing Knowledge for Development (Wonhyuk Lim)

V The G20 and the System of International Institutions
 21 IMF Legitimacy and Governance Reform: Will the G20 Help or Hinder? (Thomas A Bernes)
 22 How the G20 Can Break the Stalemate in the Reform of the Multilateral Development System:Proposals for Action (Johannes F Linn)
 23 The United Nations and the G20: Synergy or Dissonance? (Paul Heinbecker)

VI New Dynamics of Summitry and Institutional Innovations for the G20
 24 Seizing This Transformative Moment: The Cultural Foundations for the New Dynamics of Summitry (Colin I Bradford)
 25 The G20: Shifting Coalitions of Consensus Rather than Blocs (Stewart Patrick)
 26 The G20 and Regional Dynamics (Andrew Cooper)
 27 A G20 “Non-Secretariat” (Barry Carin)

VII The Leaders, Their Publics and Communications
 28 Summits as Narratives Between Leaders and Their Publics (Martin Albrow)
 29 Public Attitudes in G20 Countries (Bruce Stokes)
 30 G20 Summitry: Domestic Leadership in a Polarized and Globalized World (Thomas Mann)
 31 The G20 Takes Center Stage as a 21st Century Leadership Forum (Wendy R Sherman)
 32 Successful Communications Strategies for G20 Summits (Alan Beattie)
 33 A Healthy Fear Factor: The Media as Action-Forcer at Summits (Paul Blustein)

Conclusion: Priority Innovations for the G20 (Colin I Bradford and Wonhyuk Lim)


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